Vastu Siddhi

Vastu Siddhi is a leading Vastu Consultancy all over India.

With our comprehensive solutions to your problems and obstacles, we bring the positive paradigm shifts in an individual person’s space and life.

Good Lifestyle is important but Good Life is non-negotiable.

  • Since childhood, Keshav has always been inclined towards the spiritual aspects of life as he roots down to a Poojary family.
  • After moving to Mumbai, he started his career in Banking & Finance. But the inclination towards the spiritual sciences couldn’t make him work longer in the core logical field of finance.
  • He later gained the wisdom of Vastu under Guru and Acharya ji and researched more about this spiritual science.
  • With over 10 years of experience in this field, Keshav and Riya together treat all the aspects - Vastu Dosh, Pitra Dosh (Ancestral dissatisfaction) Kul Devi Blessings, Personal Spiritual Upasana, Numerology and much more.
  • Keshav was the first to understand the importance and venture into the field of Vastu Shastra.
  • He believes that it’s time to present this science to entrepreneurs to boost their business success. Because a successful business entrepreneur is also a provider of income and opportunities to many people.
  • He really wants to people to understand the Vastu Shastra and derive benefits from it.
  • Good Lifestyle is important but Good Life is non-negotiable.

    • Riya had been in the banking & finance field since 2000. During 10 years in the field of Banking & Finance, she discovered the fascination behind Vastu Shastra and since then till now, 10 years, she has been a expert in Vastu Consultation and Remedial Treatment.
    • She believes that Vastu is more than just a science and it is definitely not an orthodox or obselete method to treat modern day problems. It is a meta physical science which is timeless in nature - which means it has been true in the past, is true in the present times and will continue to be true in future as well.
    • Her vision is to create awareness about the importance and advantages of Vastu Shastra among people of all age groups, primarily 25 years and above, so that people can gain maximum benefit from it in their life.
    • Riya’s journey of becoming an expert & professional Vastu consultant continues to be inspired through the positive results in people’s life who have availed their services.
    • She believes that the Indian sciences are timeless as well as priceless and need to be presented in a way that enables people to relate to it in modern times.
    • She believes that we need to broaden our horizons and free ourselves from the confines of logic and experience the ‘Beyond Logic’ reality.
    • Therefore she is passionate about Vastu Siddhi for being a facilitator in bringing about blessed life experiences.